Exclusive: Steven Anthony Lawrence (Beans)- Where Is He Now?

You may remember him as the kid from "Even Stevens" who loved bacon, or the menace that used to annoy Louis Stevens (Shia LaBeouf). It's Beans!
Steven Anthony Lawrence made a name for himself at a young age thanks to the show. TheTrueGossip.com caught up with with Lawrence and asked him about his career and what he's been up to.

The TV show "Even Stevens" ran from 1999-2003, and Lawrence said landing the role was an absolute dream! 
"I was not able to walk out of the house during the peak of "Even Stevens"," Lawrence told TTG. I went from a Star Wars loving nerd to John Kennedy's grandkids losing their minds when they met me! I think that was the first time another "celebrity figure" freaked out over me, which totally blew me away because these are my favorite president's grandkids."  
He told me about crazy fans running into his bathroom stall, marriage proposals, and even an honorary Crip initiation. 
"Who knew gang members loved "Even Stevens?" However, the most humbling moment came from a 7-year-old girl who was dying," Lawrence revealed to TTG. "She told me that my show makes her day so much easier. My life has a purpose. I learned a good lesson that day."

Over 2 million people saw Lawrence's face on their Twitter newsfeed thanks to rapper, Tyler the Creator. What were his thoughts on being Tyler's Twitter picture? 
"Honestly this was kind of a surprise to me. Never met the guy, have no idea what it's about either. I'm always the last to know shit anyways," he said. "I do like his music, so it's as much of a shock to me as everyone else. Kinda weird."

Steven Anthony Lawrence became known from a Disney show, but we wanted to know what his favorite role was, "Probably my character on "Weeds." It's an awesome feeling to do something Disney and then play a meth addict," Lawrence said. "This is literally a character actors dream. I also had a blast playing a drug dealer/pimp version of myself in my hometown friend's script, "Her Side of the Bed," which we are looking for funding for (wink wink)."
So, does he keep in contact with anyone from "Even Stevens?" 
"Not as much as I'd like. I do Facebook Nicky or run into Fred around town," he told TTG

Does he have a favorite memory from the "Even Stevens" set? 
"I always loved to watch Karen (our make up lady) whack Shia with the brush in the morning for saying something maybe a little PG-13."
Lawrence snapped this photo with his grandmother recently. How nice.
Steven Anthony Lawrence is currently focusing writing a script that he can't say a thing about yet. He's also pursuing other passions, "One of my biggest passions lies in coaching now. I am in the process of starting my own studio. I have done seminars at Fullerton College, Notre Dame High School, and other various places. I am also doing coaching online through Skype."
If you are looking to work in the entertainment business, Steven Anthony Lawrence would love to hear from you. You can contact him via email here.