Exclusive: Clayton Snyder (Ethan Craft)- Where Is He Now?

Lizzie McGuire and Kate Sanders had a thing for him, Gordo despised him, and most of us still wonder how he graduated. That's right. I'm talking about Ethan Craft. This week, I got the chance to interview my first crush.

Clayton Snyder talked with TheTrueGossip.com about his life, education, and career.
While filming the hit Disney Channel show "Lizzie McGuire," Snyder attended public school and played club water polo. After the show finished, Snyder decided to put acting aside, "I earned a scholarship to Pepperdine University where I had a successful water polo career and majored in Film Studies."  
You would think Clayton Snyder would stick with acting or directing after being on the show and studying film, but Snyder had another idea up his sleeve. "I decided to shoot to make the USA National Water Polo Team and played professionally in Italy, Hungary, and Montenegro," Snyder told TTG. "But during off-season one summer I dipped back into acting and realized I was yearning to continue my career as a thespian, so here I am, back living in Hollywood!"

Many girls and boys grew up with the name "Ethan Craft." Clayton Snyder said he had no idea the impact the show would have on Disney fans from 2001-2004, "I had no clue! I knew it was Disney, and it was a TV show.  They weren't even sure if they were going to use my character at first," Snyder admits. "After a couple episodes, they altered my character a bit from a dumb bully to a dumb heartthrob. Thankfully, I could play both equally well, as long as the dumb part was in there."

"I can't say I have a specific favorite memory while shooting "Lizzie McGuire," because I loved how fun the whole process was," Snyder told TTG. "Everyone - the crew, cast, the many directors we had - was simply a pleasure to work with.  A great balance of professionalism and goofing around. I affectionately received the nickname 'One-Take Goober.' I was a silly kid, but I also showed up to work." 
In other words, he's not like Ethan. 

So what has Snyder been up to? He's in a couple of webseries. "Speechies" (Danielle Shvartsman and Taylor Dave) is a comedy following a high school speech and debate team. He plays Damien, the rival coach.  
He also just started "Improv" (Alex Skinner), another comedy following a struggling independent improv team in LA. He plays Anthony, the love interest's love interest.

"I've done a few graduate shorts with LMU that are either just finishing up, are in post-production, or still in production," Snyder said. "To name a couple, Foam Wars (Matt Klein) I play as Nick Saunder, the legendary player of an not-so-legendary "foam" gun league. College Carnage (Pamela Cunneen) is a fun slasher where I played as John, the infuriated and frisky bro."
Clayton Snyder is also attending improv classes and would like to pursue film in the future.

Does Clayton Snyder keep in contact with anyone from "Lizzie McGuire?" Miranda? Kate? Tudgeman?  "Passively, thanks to Facebook and Instagram. Because why make a phone call when I can just "like" a picture?" #fearforfuture," Snyder joked.

Clayton Snyder still has many fans out there. He wanted to share an experience with his fans that really impacted him, "Before leaving to film the movie, instead of giving me a bunch of papers to write, my health teacher gave me a book.  She simply asked me to read it, and tell her what I thought. That book was The Four Agreements, by Miguel Ángel Ruiz. They are: Be Impeccable With Your Word. Don't Take Anything Personally. Don't Make Assumptions. Always Do Your Best."
"I'm a spiritual person.  I grew up a Christian, and still am. While reading about Jesus and His teachings can be incredibly insightful, these four points really struck home for me. I encourage all others to be in agreement with the Four Agreements."
You can follow Clayton Snyder's blog at blog.claytonsnyder.com, and follow him on Instagram or Twitter with the handle @clay_tron.