EXCLUSIVE: Farrah Abraham on Sex Tape: Won't Settle for Less Than a Couple Million

TTG friend and "Teen Mom" star Farrah Abraham has been in the news lately for hanging out at Vivid Entertainment and walking hand-in-hand with porn star James Deen. James confirmed the two made a sex tape together, but are not in a relationship. 

I asked Farrah to share her side of the story with TheTrueGossip.com to clear up the rumors about the sex tape. Abraham told me she's disappointed that James decided to run his mouth about her "personal video,"I personally will never have anything to do with James. I'm a great woman, mother and entrepreneur," The MTV reality star explained, "I wanted my own personal video made and photos taken for myself, when I'm older I will have my best year to look back on. I'm happy to see my 21st year be done. I've learned a lot."
It looks like Vivid Entertainment is in on this too, considering Farrah confirmed that a company does have a copy of the video,"My lawyer is taking care of that. I will not be settling for anything less then a couple million." 
Farrah also wanted to point out she was using protection while making the video, "I made sure my partner was tested and clean and contraception was used," Farrah told TheTrueGossip.com, "This [video] is just something I personally needed for me."
"If my ex boyfriend Derek were alive, I would of rather it had been him with me. But sadly I feel I will never have another boyfriend or love, given that others intentions are not in the right place," Abraham said about her ex-boyfriend who passed away in 2008, "But I will always continue living and staying positive."