"Real World" and "Celebrity Rehab" Star Found Dead

Real World: Hollywood and Celebrity Rehab star Joey Kovar was found dead on Friday near Chicago. The former reality star, who suffered from a cocaine and ecstasy addiction, stopped by Stacey Achterhof's house the night before and admitted he was on cocaine and wanted to find more. On Friday morning, Stacey noticed Kovar, 29, had blood coming out of his ears and nose. Kover was pronounced dead when authorities arrived on the scene. Joey appeared on Celebrity Rehab because of his issues but obviously the rehab didn't get him clean.
TMZ reports, "Law enforcement sources tell us ... his eyes were also "blackened" -- something that frequently occurs when someone ODs. Law enforcement sources tell us they suspect Joey had an aneurysm."
Kovar's brother David revelaed to the Chicago Tribune, "Everyone is in shock right now. He seemed fine, he was happier and he was doing better. Everything was going very well. The very, very last thing that our family is suspecting is drugs." 
David says Joey's life revolved around his two young children.