Exclusive: Marie from "The Real World: St. Thomas" Talks Relationships & Says Show Was a Wake Up Call

If you watch "The Real World: St. Thomas," you know Marie Roda as being a bubbly and hilarious girl who loves to pull pranks on other people in the house. The show films seven cast mates at their house on an island in St. Thomas. Pretty sweet, right? Well the show isn't all about margaritas and tanning. There's plenty of drama and excitement to watch, whether it involves Robb, Brandon, LaToya, Laura, Swift, Trey, or Marie.
LaToya was one of Marie's first friends in the house and two hit it off right away, "We had a similar sense of humor and spent the majority of our time together. We typically had the same opinion on things but I was loud and she was reasonable." As both of the girls say, "Ri and T forever." The two were also seen dumping a giant dead fish into the bathtub which stunk up the entire house.
Marie's time on the island seemed to be drama free until she began spending more time with Robb. Marie and Robb became friends after they met during the first episode and realized they have the same "Hakuna Matata" tattoo. Since then, the two have created a bond. A couple episodes in, Marie became confused when Robb started talking to a girl back home even though her and Robb were just having fun as friends. Roda told TheTrueGossip.com that their relationship isn't all fun and games, "Robb and I hit it off from the start. Our flight to St. Thomas wasn’t filmed but we really got to know each other and had a real friendship before even getting to the Island. Our relationship had a lot of ups and downs," Marie reveals. And as for a romantic relationship in the future? Roda says, "You’ll have to tune in to see which one prevailed!"
One thing that Marie is still getting used to is the fans, "I’m still getting used to being recognized when I go out, although it’s a lot of fun!" But there can be hard parts to seeing yourself on TV. Marie told TTG how the show has changed her for the better, "Watching yourself on TV is definitely a wake up call. After all, we are our own biggest critics," Roda says. "The show made me realize that I need to start thinking before I speak, and definitely ease up on the alcohol. Half of the time I can’t even understand myself. Thank God for subtitles!"

Check out the trailer for the show, and be sure to watch "The Real World: St. Thomas" on Wednesday nights at 10/9c on MTV!