Seer Outfitters and The Abide Network Are "Better Together"


Seer Outfitters is teaming up with The Abide Network to try and put an end to violence, crime, and poverty in Omaha. As you may know, Seer Outfitters is a clothing line that was created to support the Kyle Korver Foundation, and the money raised has made a big difference in many neighborhoods.
The Abide Network hopes that there will be no "inner city" in Omaha, NE in the future. For the past 23 years, They've been transforming troubled areas in Omaha and Seer has decided to help out.
Seer Outfitters and The Abide Network started a new campaign in hopes that we can all be "Better Together," which inspired Seer's new "Better Together" shirt. The Abide Network states, "We’ve taken on 41 neighborhoods over the past few years as we partner with churches, schools and businesses all over our city. We believe what Mother Theresa said, “you can do what I cannot do, I can do what you cannot do, but TOGETHER we can do great things!” We really believe that we’re BETTER TOGETHER!" "He whose light shines brightest, shines farthest. May God’s light shine so bright in North Omaha that it reaches the rest of the world. 'We really are better together!'"

To purchase a "Better Together" shirt online, visit!

You can purchase Seer Outfitters clothing at the following festivals in Chicago:
Taste of Randolph: 6/15-6/17 
Rock Around the Block: 7/7-7/8 
Retro on Roscoe: 8/11-8/12 
NorthSide Summerfest: 8/17-8/19 
The Boulevard: 8/24-26

I was reading through the Seer Outfitters blog, and the following post has to be one of my favorites. Seer tells others how character is more important than fame: 
"It seems like our culture is currently obsessed with personal identity, image and relevancy. But is what others think about us, more important then what we know about ourselves? Many of us are reaching for greatness in some regard, although why we are isn’t clear. We’ve all heard Mother Teresa’s quote: “We can do no great things, only small things with great love.” Every great moment that I can recall, has caused my heart to stir because of a common thread of humility in it. The simple act of forgetting one’s self and answering a need, right in front of you (again and again), builds character. Character is worth far more than fame. My heroes didn’t set out to be great, they kept saying yes to the small needs all around them, that’s what made them great."