Nick Jonas Wins MVP At NFL Greats & Celebrity Football Game


The ‘NFL Madden 13 Pigskin Pro-Am Celebrity Flag Football Game’ was held on June 22nd in Grant Park in Chicago. Celebrities and NFL players played a game of flag football to promote the release of the new Madden video game.
Nick Jonas, Ne-Yo, Jerry Rice, Deion Sanders, Matt Forte, Brett Favre, Kym Johnson, Jesse Metclafe, Vivca Fox and many more stars were all in attendance. I was put on the "gamers" side, which meant I had to wear their jersey and cheer for the team. 
Thank God Nick Jonas scored quite a few touchdowns to help us win the game. I went home with the new Madden 13 game since our team was AMAZING. Such a fun time. 
 Nick Jonas later tweeted, "Wow. What an amazing game at the Madden pigskin pro-am. Gamers (my team) won!!! And I won MVP! 4 touchdown receptions! #isthisreal?"

One Response to Nick Jonas Wins MVP At NFL Greats & Celebrity Football Game

Anonymous said...

Too Bad it was RIGGED - Famers we're stronger and better - they deserved the win - the Ref's calls were Horrible - and producers wanted toe Gamers to win....So you're wrong - you guys won not thru Nick - but cause producers forced the fans with the green and reg pompoms to choose Red on every challenge made! Sorry. Not Sorry. You're team was not as amazing as the Famers!