Zayn Malik Gets Dumped By Australian Girl

One Direction fans have taken their obsessions to a whole new level. Fans have caused a girl to cancel a date with Zayn Malik after bullying her on the phone and the internet.
Anna Crotti, a receptionist at a Sydney radio station, met the boys while they were doing interviews at the station. Security asked Anna for her number saying the boys wanted to contact her later. 
 Anna started talking to Zayn via text message, "We were communicating throughout the whole day pretty much and he asked if I would like to catch up for drinks. I said I was free a bit later."
Things got out of control when fans found out about the date. Anna claims girls were calling the station, bullying her on Facebook, and threatening her on the internet. Anna claims, "I didn't even want to walk home. It was so intense. I messaged Zayn and said, 'Maybe it's not a good idea we meet up.' It was just a bit too full on."