Exclusive: Robert Hayes Talks About Filming "The Lucky One" and "American Reunion"

What a month it's been for Robert Hayes! You may recognize Hayes as "Bo" from the new "American Pie" film, "American Reunion." And on April 20th, you'll also be recognizing Robert as "Victor Miles" from "The Lucky One."
 Robert talked with TheTrueGossip.com about his experiences with filming both box office hits. According to Hayes, filming "The Lucky One" wasn't a walk in the park. "The hardest part was the intense training that me, Zac, and a couple of the other actors had to go through in order to portray a Marine the correct way," says Robert. "Trying to have the mindset and emotional state of a Marine was actually a huge challenge also since I could only imagine what Marines went through from day to day." 
Obviously there was no rigorous Marine training while filming "American Pie," but he says working on the set was still an experience. "With 'American Pie' being the top comedic franchise in history, the cast and crew constantly cracked jokes in between takes, pulled pranks on each other, and laughed our brains out after we filmed most of the scenes because they were just so funny," Robert told TheTrueGossip. "Seann William Scott (a.k.a Stifler) brought a certain type of energy to the set that I feel nobody had the capability of bringing. During 'The Lucky One,' I had to truly focus on my character as a Marine more than I had to focus on my character as a high school prankster in 'American Reunion' since the character of a Marine has a lot more depth." 
So, since "The Lucky One" and "The Notebook" are both popular novels by Nicholas Sparks, will there be a comparison when it comes to the movies? Robert thinks they're totally different. "I would compare 'The Notebook' and 'The Lucky One' to Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant. Some say Michael Jordan is better than Kobe Bryant since he came to the league first while others argue that Kobe Bryant is better than Michael Jordan since Jordan had more of a supporting cast than Bryant, but at the end of the day, they will always be looked at as Greats." Robert later apologized for his NBA comparisons, he says he just loves the game of basketball. 
But, Hayes finished by saying, " 'The Notebook' has already made a huge impact on viewers around the world, and I'm 100% sure that 'The Lucky One' will do the same."

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