MGK Releases Music Video for "Half Naked and Almost Famous"

The moment all laced-up Kells fans have been waiting for, the music video for "Half Naked and Almost Famous."
Machine Gun Kelly talked with Rolling Stone about the making of the video,
 "I wrote this song after this crazy night on tour in Tempe, Arizona where we almost got arrested and ate by coyotes while we were drinking on a mountain we weren't supposed to be on, raged at a bunch of college parties we weren't invited to, and ran around in our boxers off this big rock into a hotel pool at 5 a.m.," says Kelly. "We shot the video at 2011's SXSW and decided to release it after we won MTV's Breaking Woodie Award for 2012 because it kind of captures the whole 'chasing our dreams' experience from beginning to end."