"Boundaries," The Latest Project From Nick King and Tower Guard Productions

Boundaries is the latest project for Chicago-based director Nick King and his crew. Nick King and his production company Tower Guard Productions' other films include: Alone We Face The Night, Poker Night, and The Winning Number
Their new film, Boundaries, will play with your mind. The film contains dream sequences that represent the subconscious of Jon, the main character of the film. These frightening and hazy dreams are telling John to stay away from an abusive relationship with a crazed woman named Sirena. 
King, who attended Columbia College in Chicago, said he has always been interested in scary, psychological build-ups that some of his favorite 80's horror movies offered. 
So why an abusive girl in this movie? Many films focus on men abusing women, but King's focus for this film is abusive women, and the idea that a man could be 'Blinded by Love'
King told The True Gossip, "What I want the audience to take away from this film is you must move on after a bad relationship.You will always carry a part of that person with you, but you need to know what's best for you." 
Some shorts and trailers from Nick King, producer Honeyleen Hodges, and Tower Guard Productions can be found HERE.
The film will be released early 2012, and was shot at Cooney Funeral Home in Chicago.