Nickelodeon starlet Miranda Cosgrove is indefinitly postponing her tour after a bizzare bus accident in Illinois. Miranda only has a minor injury and is expected to fully recover.

E! Online reports, "The accident took place earlier this morning just outside of Vandalia, Ill., when the 18-year-old's tour bus struck part of a tractor-trailer that had already overturned on the interstate and was blocking one of the lanes.
According to local reports, two drivers had stopped to help the driver of the tractor-trailer, who was stuck in the overturned vehicle. It was while they were offering highway assistance that Miranda's bus cruised by and clipped the vehicle. All told, five or six people suffered injuries and two people were even helicoptered to a nearby hospital. Among those more seriously injured were the truck's driver, Phillip Carter, and bus driver Rodney McClure.
Of the people on Cosgrove's tour bus, at least three were taken to a hospital."