I recently interviewed Tyler Shamy, a singer, songwriter, actor, and member of the band Midnight Mirage.

How would you describe your music with Midnight Mirage and what should fans look forward to for the rest of 2011 and beyond?
We describe our music as pop/rock/soul/r&b combining our influences of One Republic, Maroon 5, and Bruno Mars. Fans can look forward to some exciting news and announcements, such as single and album releases, videos, shows, as well as the planning of tours for 2012.

How did you decide to get into music with a band instead of only going solo?
I decided to involve a band because I wanted to take my music to a band type of sound and performance anyway. Dancing wasn't my thing and I think I've really found my niche musically and stylistically. The band has really taken my material to the next level live and together I know we're going to do some amazing things. Once you see it, I think you'll wonder why I wasn't going this route from the start.

If you could record a song with anyone, who would it be?
Pink. No doubt about it.

What has been your favorite song to cover?
On youtube, probably "Back To December" or "Fireflies". The band and I also have some covers in our set but I'm not saying what they are. You'll have to come and see ;).

What is one thing you want to say to your fans?
Thank you guys so much for crossing over and making the switch and continuing to support me through it all. It may seem like it's taken a while to get my shit together, but I've been working really hard and I have an amazing team, my band included, and together our future looks promising. You guys rock, I love you, and I hope my music makes you happy.