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Teen Vogue talked with Pretty Little Liars star Lucy Hale about the hit show.
Plenty of shows boast superfans—think Lost, Gossip Girl, or The Vampire Diaries. Then, says Lucy, there are Pretty Little Liars fans, a particularly keen—and persistent—bunch who love the dark allure of the mystery series (not to mention the boy drama, high school power plays, and, naturally, the clothes). "People on the street stop me and ask about who [character] A is. My friends try to get plot secrets—even family members try to squeeze information out of me," the 21-year-old says. "To prevent leaks, the production staff only gives us scripts the day before we film. It's crazy!"
Unlike Aria, Lucy has never dated one of her teachers (thankfully). But she will reluctantly admit that she has a real-life special someone. "I don't talk too much about him because, well, it's private. I've learned from my past relationships," she says. And she's determined not to fall into the "boyfriend trap," as she puts it: "I'd wrap myself up in my significant other's life and want to make his world my world. It wasn't healthy."