Joe Jonas and his girlfriend Ashely Greene celebrated the new year at a party in LA with some friends. 21-year-old Joe tweeted,
My 2010 wrap up..
This year has been a really fantastic year for me. Starting off with the 2nd season of Jonas LA being able to work along side such a great cast. To traveling to Africa with my best friends and having a life changing trip. Meeting kids and families who really know what lifes about.. love and family. Then touring again with my bros. America, Canada, South America, Abu Dhabi! It was a blast. Favorite tour yet. Of course would have been rad to go to Europe. But the fans that showed so much passion and love every night makes me wanna do this always.
Then now time for 2011. Crazy it’s here already. I am excited, nervous, anxious. I hope all of you who have stuck by my bros and I. Family, Friends, loved ones, The Fans (best Fans ever) will be There to come along for a ride. A ride I’m pumped to start up. 2011. A new year. Thanks again. Love you all.
- J