ESPN article:
After months of trash-talking, ESPN's team of commentators and staff lost 3-0 to the Jonas Brothers. Kevin said: 'Guess they can stop all that smack talk. We've been hearing about it for months. We finally shut them up.' The Jonas Brothers really can hit.
Kevin had two hits, while Nick got on base twice, once by an error, and Joe had some nice swings but didn't get on base. Joe and Nick both wore tar under their eyes, while Kevin didn't. The real key for the victory was Kevin's pitching.
He would flip the ball palm-side down to make it spin back so ESPN talent would pop it up in the air. No one on ESPN's side figured out how to handle it, except for fantasy editor Nate Ravitz, who had three hits.
Nick is a diabetic and plays with his insulin pump. After getting a single in the first inning, he was having trouble with the device and took it off. Everyone was wondering where singer Demi Lovato was. She is the opening act on the tour but didn't make it to the softball field because she was having a dress rehearsal for Friday's show.