We are very lucky to be talking to an up-and-coming teen star, Matt Nicholas Hines. He is currently working on his new Disney show, "Welcome To My World." And yes I said his show, Matt created it! Talented? I think yes. Not only did he create the show, but he has been booked to play a character in the series. Filming for the show begins this fall.
Matt shares, "The series follows the lives of "Margaret Hale, Matt Hale, Miles Hale, Inessa, and Uleena". The series is about two foreign exchange students moving to Los Angeles, California, and they are very inept to life and customs Americans are used to. Margaret is a socialite, Matt is a teen actor, and Miles is a singer. Inessa and Uleena are both foreign exchange students. Stay tuned for our premiere on the network. I am very excited for casting, we are looking at a premiere sometime this year or next."
We'll keep you guys updated with more info soon!
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