From Celebuzz:
Fear not, High School Musical fans; Zac Efron and Vanessa Hudgens may have moved on to bigger things, but the HSM brand will live on, thanks to the efforts of a plucky actress known as Ashley Tisdale.
The Tiz will be reprising her role as drama junkie Sharpay Evans in an upcoming film, which she's also executive-producing. (Way to go, Tizzy!) In the movie, which will be called Broadway Bound (recently changed from he original title, Sharpay's Fabulous Adventures), Tisdale will lead a cast of unknowns as Evans leaves East High behind for the bright lights of Broadway, where she finds herself squaring off against a rival starlet and will no doubt apply all of her diva powers to vanquishing her new foe.
The film begins shooting in Toronto on June 1 for a 2011 release.