Alexa Vega and her producer boyfriend Sean Covel are getting married!
According to Hot Springs Star, the 21-year-old actress and 33-year-old producer are set to tie the knot in Black Hills, South Dakota on October 10, 2010!

Sean revealed to the paper about his plans to propose to Alexa, saying,

“I planned to
propose in a grove of Christmas trees in Los Angeles, but when I realized we
would be back home doing a screening in Hot Springs, I knew this was the perfect
opportunity, so I scrapped the old plan and whipped up a new one. My plan was to sneak in the back door while the film [Broken Hill] was playing [during a film
festival] and propose backstage behind the proscenium. ”I thought it would be a
cool way to have our own private moment and still be in front of 400 of my
teachers, friends and family.”

Alexa shared,

“I had no idea why he wanted to enter through the alley. I thought it was
weird, but it seemed like an adventure. I found out later that half the town did
something to help, but the entire audience kept it a secret. I went from being
worried we’d get arrested for breaking and entering to suddenly realizing
exactly what was happening. I think I laughed and cried and squealed all at the
same time!”