So July 11th was a day full of Jonas!
My sister Delora and I went down to the Jonas Brothers hotel early in the morning. We wanted to see if we could get some pictures of them for the website.
When we got to the hotel, around 40 screaming girls were in front of us. I didn't think we would be able to get a photo for the site!
The boys came out to say hi to some fans. I got the chance to ask Big Rob if I could get a picture with Nick, but around 12 girls were asking him the same thing.
Well, I got Lucky, Big Rob brought me over to Nick Jonas, and I got a photo with him. Nick and I had small talk, he wrapped his arm around my waist while we took the photo. He also helped me adjust my camera, and he thanked me for being a fan. We talked about his upcoming concert in Chicago, and how I would be watching in the crowd, cheering him on.
It was an honor to be in his presence, he's been my role model for a very long time. Nick and his brothers have accomplished so much, and I couldn't believe he was taking the time to have a conversation with me. I also got to meet Kevin, Joe and Jack Lawless. They were all very appreciative and sweet.
The concert was amazing. The Jonas Brothers put so much dedication into making every moment perfect for the fans. The lyrics to their songs are breath taking, and I can relate to every word.
Jordin Sparks was gorgeous, the Wonder Girls were fantastic and Honor Society rocked the house!
If you get the chance, definitely attend a Jonas Brothers concert, you won't be disappointed.