If you're an obsessed Jonas Brothers fan, you probably watched their new Disney Channel series, JONAS.
But surprisingly, it's not just a show for Jonas Brothers fans.
Nick, Joe and Kevin Jonas play three brothers who are popular teen idols (just like in real life). They go to a normal school (not like in real life), and are trying to be ordinary teenage boys.
We started laughing from the beginning of the show, those boys are just to funny when they're around each other. We love the fact the writers made it hard for Nick to date the girl of his choice, because we all know how unrealistic that is, but it made the show more enjoyable.
The songs in the show are written by the real Jonas Brothers, and will make many girls go weak in the knees. We know for a fact Jonas Brothers fans have never seen them like this before, and we definitely know they haven't seen Nick smile for such a long time!
Nicole Anderson does an amazing job playing Macy, who's an obsessed Jonas fan, and always tries to rip their clothes off. Chelsea Staub does a great job playing Stella, who was Nick, Joe and Kevin's good friend from the beginning.
This show is proof the Jonas Brothers are great actors and musicians. This is a new experience for fans, and the boys themselves, but it's just getting started!