Sabrina and Kiely of "The Cheetah Girls" are creating an online talk show at Here's the thing...they want help from YOU! One the site, you can send Kiely an email, and let her know you want to be apart of the show! Here's what they're looking for:

We are looking for men age 18-24 with a strong will and good heart. MUST LOVE SPORTS!!!And females ages 18-24 who have an opinion on fashion, music and, art.
If you think you fit the bill, PLEASE send me an email with and photo and a short paragraph about yourself. (Where you grew up, school, religious beliefs, sexual persuasion, hate your parents? love your parents?) The most important thing to remember is that we want people from all different walks of life. Don't be shy!! Videos are appreciated as we can not only get to know you we can see how you are in front of a camera.

Check out the site, and let the girls know what you think!