Here's Keke Palmers latest MySpace update, about the 17 Again premiere.

So Embarrassed! Last night I went to the movie premiere of Zac Efron's movie 17 Again and it was really good! I had a lot of fun, but it would have been better if my dad had not brought his camera because he really embarrassed me.
We were sitting in our seats waiting for the movie to start and Nick Jonas comes and sits right next to me. Now I have met all of the Jonas Brothers before on many different occasions. I even knew them before they were so famous so I am not all hyped up to see them or anything like that, congratulations to them but I was not trying to take a picture with them or anyone for that matter, just came to watch the movie.
Well, when my dad had other plans, he whips out his camera and yells, 'hey Nick can I get a picture of you with Keke', I could have died, first of all he made me sound like a groupie, and second of all right after the picture Nick got up and moved like we were bothering him!
That's cool, but again I did not want a picture with him or anyone in that room, it was my dad and this is not the first time he has embarrassed me in this way..
Once when we were at the KCA's about 2 years ago we saw a very famous person bigger than the Jonas Brothers, and my dad yelled, 'hey my daughter Keke loves you'! I could have died because he not only told this famous person but everyone else in the room!!