"This should win an Oscar!" Those were the first words I said after watching "Jonas Brothers: The 3D Concert Experience."

OK, I may have been exaggerating a little, but if your an obsessed Jonas fan, this might be the best movie you'll ever see.

The movie starts out exciting, you get to see the boys wake up at 4:31 AM. They you see them get chased by thousands of girls through New York, then you see their concert.

The 3D was great! It wasn't the type of 3D that makes you want to throw up on the kid next to you, it made you want to reach out and grab Nick's curly locks. In fact, some girls tried to (like me.)

It felt like you were in the car with them as they were driving to the Virgin Mega store in New York. And you got to meet some of the crazy girls who would "die" just to see the world famous siblings.

You also saw Big Rob scare little girls. Some girls jumped over the barricades, and chased after the SUV that Joe, Nick, and Kevin were sitting in.

This reminded me of my Jonas experiences. Such as the time when I screamed to Nick on the top of my lungs, which actually got his attention. Or the time when my sister and I basically forced Kevin to wave at us.

Many people think us Jonas fans are just crazy, but to us, we are just looking up to the boys who have changed our lives.

The Jonas Brothers have been a part of my life for around 2 1/2 years now. They're around my age, and it's very cool to watch these boys grow up, and see them accomplish their goals, or "live the dream" as they would say. It's not just their "hotness" that attracts us girls, but it's knowing that these guys actually act like normal teenagers. It's interesting to listen to their music, because many of their fans can relate to the lyrics. Many girls have followed the Jonas Brothers since Nick was 12, and when no one knew their name. Now look how far they've come.
We have seen them start out in a small town of NJ, to becoming one of the biggest bands since the Beatles.

These boys have been such inspiration to many, and this movie isn't about the "pretty boys" making more money, it really shows how many lives they have touched. So on behalf of all the Jonas fans out there, I would like to say THANK YOU JONAS BROTHERS, FOR EVERYTHING.