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my Saturday OFF! Hey everyone! Guess what?! I FINALLY got a whole day off! Thats right.. the whole day! I couldn't believe it. It was so nice.. I got to sleep in, and then I got up and made myself and my Daddy breakfast! (well, it was like 10 but it was breakfast for us!)

Then I went outside and it was so warm and sunny, I thought it would be so awesome to go to the beach! So me, my parents, Brandi, Justin and Noah all went to our friends' house in Malibu, it was great. We had a blast just being in the sun and hanging out. And to top the night off, I just got back from PINZ where i went bowling with the whole family!

We never do things like that, so it was something special for us to do something normal together. Daddy beat me, and so did Brandi! But it was still fun.. at least I beat Noah =) Last thing, I wanna give you guys the scoop on whats going on next week! I am going on my very first radio tour! I'm so stoked, we're..

..hitting San Francisco, Atlanta, Chicago.. and a few other places. Its gonna be busy but exciting. Just me and my two guitar players Stacy and Jamie. Listen for us! Meanwhile my Dad and Brandi are going to Nashville to do radio there promoting my Dad's new record BACK TO TENNESSEE! He's really excited about these new songs, some of which are in Hannah Montana movie!