New mommy, Jamie Lynn Spears, wants to go country!
E! News reports that Jamie Lynn wants to be the next Nashville star.
A close source to the Spears family says Jamie Lynn "has been quietly working on a country album since last fall."
So far, Jamie Lynn's only musical credit was singing the theme song to her Nickelodeon series, "Zoey 101." But the family says that hasn't stopped them from "trying to get Jamie Lynn a record deal," says another source.
The 17-year-old Spears recently recorded demo tracks in Nashville but has yet to land a label.
The Spears family did not comment on this yet, but back in 2002, Jamie Lynn said she would love to try singing, "I'll probably do a lot of acting first, then go to singing, but I am going to definitely sing someday So when I do start singing, buy my album!"
Watch the video below to hear the full theme song that Jamie Lynn sings for "Zoey 101."