OceanUp reports that in a recent issue of TigerBeat, the Jonas Brothers tell all about a car accident they were in last year while driving to New Jersey.
"Joe put his glasses on to see this truck coming toward us from behind. We all woke up at that exact moment. We got hit by an 18 wheeler truck."
"The driver fell asleep at the wheel. Right before the impact, Joe grabbed Nick and took him under his arm, and glass shattered and went all over the car. A little bit got on me and Frankie but because Joe grabbed Nick, nothing fell on him. It all went in slow motion. It was really crazy."
"The glass was shattered, we were completely exposed and the guy who hit us walks up out of the truck and goes "Everybody all right?" We were like "Are you kidding me? You just hit us with a Mack truck!"
"Luckily the truck hit the back of the car and if we didn't have so much luggage it would have crushed right through the car. We went to Wal-Mart and cleaned out all the glass. We got this plastic and duck taped it around the broken windows. We drove all the way back to New Jersey. It was crazy, but we were all okay."