Disney girl Selena Gomez sat down with OK! Magazine recently and told them some interesting facts.
On her closet: "It is a mess! What used to be my guest room is now my closet. It is also my moms closet, since we wear the same tops and shoes."
On her exes: "I get so mad about ex-boyfriends, but if a boy hurts me, I don not write a song about it. They do not deserve it!"

On Demi Lovato: "She has been my best friend since I was 7. I want the best for Demi, and she wants the best for me."

On her style: "I started out as a tomboy, but over the past year my wardrobe has gotten classier. I am growing up."

On the show Friends: "I watched it every single night before I went to bed. I am obsessed with it! I bawled when it was over."