Hey guys! So yesterday I had the time of my life.

On Oct. 24th, a couple friends and I were lucky enough to meet the band Metro Station. They came to a Hot Topic (that happened to be really close to my house) and had a meet and greet session with some awesome fans! So as you may know, I have had a crush on Ant, Blake, Trace and Mason for a while now, and when the time came to meet the boys, I was so pumped.

I first met Mason Musso, who happens to be the older brother of Hannah Montana star Mitchell Musso. Mason was really nice, he introduced himself and asked me how I was, I just said,

"I am doing great Mason, how about you?" he responded by saying, "Awesome, thanks."

Then I walked over to Trace Cyrus, who is the older half-bro of Miley Cyrus. (He really looks like her up close!)

As soon as I walked in front of him, I said, "Hey Trace!!!" Then he said, "Hey babe! How are you? I love your jacket!" I said, "Thanks!! I will see you at the concert tonight!" he said, "Awesome!!"

I realized why he liked my jacket so much, because when they first came out at their concert, he was wearing a similar coat.

Then I walked over to Blake, who introduced himself and signed my poster. He seemed very happy, because he kept smiling!

And last but not least, Anthony. He asked me who my jacked was designed by, and I said "Forever 21." He giggled a little, and asked if we were going to their concert that night, and I said, "FO- SHO!" He said "Really? Awesome!" Almost like he was surprised to hear I was going.

They are totally awesome and down to earth guys. The concert was great! The songs got every fan in the audience jumping! The opening acts included Cash Cash, Tyga and The White Tie Affair. It was so much fun!

The photo above is the poster the boys signed for us. Hot Topic said it was against store policy to take photos with the band. :(