When Selena Gomez went shopping with her mom, Mandy, on October 5th, she admits she is getting close with Nick Jonas.

"I have gotten really close to the entire Jonas family this past year," Sel says, "Nick and I are getting to know each other, but we are not confirming anything."

Sel even admits she has a crush on actor, Shia LaBeouf:

"I have had a crush on him ever since he was on Even Stevens. It is very far-fetched, but I would love to have Shia on Wizards."

When the Disney star was asked if she felt she is a good role model, Selena said,

"I am going to do the best that I can do, but I am 16 and I am going to make mistakes, no one is perfect. To be honest, I am quite boring! I love to go bowling and to the movies. When it comes to my wardrobe, I think I dress like a 30-year-old woman."
Wow. She says she dresses like a 30 year old when her mom is in her 30s!

The photo on the left shows Sel and her mom shopping while eating ice cream on Oct. 5th.

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she looks mad