Kim Kardashian spent her 28th birthday (Oct. 21st) with her football player boyfriend, Reggie Bush, who is recovering from a knee injury.

Here is what Kim wrote to her fans today in her blog:
Hey guys! Today is my birthday! I am 28 years old! I was supposed to be in London right now with Reggie but we had to cancel our trip. The Saints have a game there this Sunday, but unfortunately Reggie will not be playing. In the game against the Carolina Panthers, Reggie injured his left knee and needed surgery. When I saw him limp off the field my heart dropped! All that has mattered is that Reggie is going to be okay! And he is okay! I immediately caught a plane to Alabama, where the best surgeons were to meet Reggie. He is recovering great and will be back on the field soon!
He is pretty bummed that the special birthday he planned in London couldn not happen, but as long as he is okay, I will have the best birthday ever!!!!


The photo on top was taken by Kim on the 21st.