Is Justin going for both Cyrus sisters?
Justin Gaston is rumored to be dating Miley Cyrus, (who happens to be 5 years younger than him) but this photo shows Justin hanging Brandi Cyrus, who is her older sister.
Why were they heading out without Miley?

Rumors were "Miley was sick with an unknown illness."

Miley was recently crushed when finding out her ex-boyfriend Nick Jonas and his family were moving out of Toluca Lake, Calif. The couple were neighbors up until the Jonases decided to move out of the community.

Now Miley has two big problems, and on top of that, there are rumors that she wants to quit "Hannah Montana." Miley probably wants to be taken more seriously, because she said she would like to be in a younger version of "Sex and the City."
The photo on the left shows Brandi and Justin on Oct. 19th. The inside photo shows Justin feeding Miley in the car on Oct. 14th.