AUGUST 26, 2008

Paula Abdul is so excited for a fourth judge on American Idol.

Kara DioGuardi is joining the "pop-star" as the latest girl at the judging table for the next season of Idol.

“It’s about time another girl joined, more girl power.” Paula said on August 25th.

Abdul, 46, says DioGuardi’s songwriter and producer experience will bring a different mix to the table. “She’s going to be a little more different and more from the industry standpoint.”

Looks like Idol is begging for more viewers!

By the time this show ends , every person in the world will end up being and "American Idol." When is is going to stop?! Many people have said they are done watching a show about "Hilary Duff and Ricky Martin wannabes" and if the show keeps running, it is going to be WAY too hard to remember all of the winners.

We have a feeling this show will be on for a lot longer, so be prepared for more of Simons annoying remarks.