Exclusive: Kimberly J. Brown ("Halloweentown") Where Is She Now?

Disney Channel has been showing Halloweentown for 15 years because it's one movie people can't get enough of, especially in October. It has turned into a Disney Channel classic. 
Quints was another movie many Disney fans loved to watch. Yeah, sure, it gave me anxiety to watch Jamie deal with her five brothers and sisters, but it all worked out in the end!
Kimberly J. Brown starred in these Disney Channel original movies. TheTrueGossip.com talked with Brown about Disney Channel, her experiences while filming, and her current roles.

Brown starred in Disney Channel's Halloweentown, Halloweentown II: Kalabar's Revenge, Halloweentown High, and Quints.
Kimberly J. Brown said she felt these movies were something special, "I was so excited to do them, but you never know how audiences will react until the project comes out. I think both “Marnie” and “Jaime” are very relatable characters in their own ways even though they both were dealing with some unique circumstances," Brown told TTG. "I’m so grateful and honored that people still watch them and talk about them every year."

She really enjoyed working on the set of Halloweentown. One cast member she loves is Judith Hoag. She says they bonded very quickly and still keep in touch to this day. Hoag currently plays "Tandy" on ABC's Nashville. 

Brown also said working with Debbie Reynolds made for a fun day on set, "She was not only filled with wisdom and great stories, but has an amazing sense of humor and made me laugh a lot," Brown shared. "Being able to collaborate and find the little moments of comedy with Debbie in a lot of the scenes are definitely some of the times I’ll never forget."

Left: Kimberly with Judith Hoag
Right: Kimberly with Debbie Reynolds on set
Since the Halloweentown films are so popular, I asked Brown if she's had any interesting fan encounters, "Sometimes it’s funny when people aren’t sure where they know me from. They ask if we went to school together or if I used to work at the local Starbucks at the mall, or ask me if I’m a completely different actress from another show or movie," Brown said. "It always makes my day when they figure out who I really am and share stories of watching the movies. I also get really sweet messages on Twitter and my website all the time. I have some awesome fans!" 

There are so many scenes in the Halloweentown film series. Kimberly said she couldn't pick her favorite scene, but she loved climbing the pumpkin in the first film. 

Brown also loved in Halloweentown High when kids were unzipping their human costumes and coming out as creatures and monsters, "I loved the twist, how it brought up what is really “normal?” and the importance of being yourself and being proud of it!"

Since being on Disney Channel, Brown played Marah in Guiding Light, and she hasn't stopped there!

Recently, Kimberly was seen throughout the first season of the Detroit cop drama Low Winter Sun on AMC, "Unfortunately it will not be coming back for a second season this year, so it’s on to some new projects!"

To find out what Kimberly J. Brown will be up to next, follow her on Twitter (@OfficialKJB) and check out her website, www.KimberlyJBrown.com!

Exclusive Q&A with "100 Days of Summer" Star Pascale Wellin

Bravo's "100 Days of Summer" has its share of Chicago sunshine, yacht parties, and insane drama. Pascale Wellin was caught in the middle of it all this season. 
TheTrueGossip.com caught up with Pascale after the finale aired on Bravo. She talked with us about her her cast members, favorite hot spots, and her jewelry line.

TTG: You're a Chicago and LA girl! Where do you like to hang out in those cities? 
PW: Yes I am! Chicago is home. My favorite 'hot spot' to grab dinner and a tasty meal of sushi is Sunda owned by the Rockit Ranch, I love going on week nights for their ‘Sunda Social’ which includes drink and appetizer specials. Insider tip: try the lychee mojito.

Note: As a Chicago girl myself, I can say Sunda is one of my favorite places as well. A must-try! 

PW: Los Angeles has a million ‘hot spots’ but one of my go-to spots for low key drinks in West-Hollywood is Darkroom, they have a great whisky selection and you always run into fun people there. It's actually where I met my "Vanderpump Rules" friends Scheana and Jax!

Pascale and Scheana attended a pre-Oscar party together recently.

TTG: Do you still talk to anyone from "100 Days of Summer?" Is there still drama with some cast members? 
PW: I do, I think that all drama aside we really came together towards the end of the summer at Tara's cabin. We have all come so far since that summer. Vince and Jessica have a baby, Tara is married, Ray and Hamidah are killing it professionally, and Jay is most likely planning his next trip to Paris with his pup and housekeeper Lucy. I haven’t heard much from Phillips but I heard she’s married as well!

Pascale and the cast of Bravo's "100 Days of Summer"

TTG: You're very passionate about your jewelry line. How's it coming along? 
PW: My jewelry line is my passion, that is for sure. I have been working really hard on re-branding my collection and branching out to start my own collection. I still collaborate on custom designs with my mom and we have been working on some pretty exciting pieces. 
All inquires for custom can be sent to pascale@winchesterjewelry.com

TTG: Do you think we will see you on any LA-based Bravo shows? 
PW: I can't predict the future, but I love the Bravo family almost as much as my very own.
Follow Pascale on Twitter and Instagram: @pascalewellin

Exclusive: Lori Beth Denberg ("All That")- Where Is She Now?

'90s Nickelodeon fans remember watching "All That," a sketch comedy show that had kids rolling on the floor laughing. 
Lori Beth Denberg was a cast member I loved to watch. Her energy and humor was always on point. 
Denberg talked with TheTrueGossip.com about what she's been up to recently, as well as her roles on "All That" and "Workaholics."

"All That"
 Lori Beth Denberg enjoys the fact that people loved (and still love) "All That," and she shared some of her favorite memories from the show. 
"It was my first professional job as an actor so I learned so much about television production and how many people it takes to get a show on the air. I would ask everyone about their jobs," Denberg told TTG. "It was always fun to work with animals on the show. There was a cow (who was stinky), puppies that were cute, and a goose who flew off set when we were filming in front of the live audience."
Denberg also talked about the funniest moments while on set, "Kenan [Thompson] was the cast member who was most likely to make me break character and laugh. One of my favorite things was a scene where I was driving in a convertible with the Big Ear of Corn. When I look back on it I think about how crazy it was!"

Fun fact: There's a Facebook fan page dedicated to the Big Ear of Corn. Oh, and a BuzzFeed post.

Many celebrities appeared on the show and Denberg worked with some of her favorites, "We worked with Usher, Coolio, Run DMC, TLC, Tyra Banks, Destiny's Child, Tia and Tamara Mowery, Malcolm Jamal Warner, The Spice Girls, and the cast of another Nickelodeon show, 'The Adventures of Pete and Pete,' which was one of my favorites! There were so many more too! It was so cool. It made us feel like big stars!"

The theme song for the show was performed by TLC, and I'll admit, it gets stuck in my head all the time.

Denberg was a cast member on the show from 1994-1998, and played Lydia on "The Steve Harvey Show" from 1998-2002. Denberg has worked with a lot of talented actors and actresses over the years and continues to keep in touch.
"I am Facebook friends with many of my old cast mates. It's weird to see everyone grown up. Danny Tamberelli is a rock star!"
Literally. He's a rock star now (and that's not a surprise because he had the best hair in the '90s).

Danny back in the day on Nickelodeon's "Figure It Out."

In 2004, Denberg landed a role in the movie Dodgeball: A True Underdog Story and worked alongside Ben Stiller and Vince Vaughn, but her acting career didn't end there. She excited many of her fans in 2012 when she played herself on a hit Comedy Central show.

 "I was called by the producer from the show 'Workaholics.' That was so fun, and so different from working on Nickelodeon! I never sat in a hot tub with guys smoking joints on Nickelodeon!"

Once again, she appeared on BuzzFeed.

Denberg continues to have a busy schedule. Recently, she's been working as a writer and has done work with some non-profit organizations that support great causes in her community. And guess what, she also officiates weddings!
"I got ordained to marry my oldest friend and his now wife. People really loved the ceremony and told me I should do more of them! I write personalized ceremonies for each couple," Denberg said. "It's really amazing to get to know new people and be part of such a special moment in their lives!"

Well, kids. It looks like our fun trip back to the '90s is coming to a close. But first, Lori Beth Denberg has a special message she wants to share with her fans.
 "I would like to tell my fans that I'm so grateful they enjoyed the work we did on 'All That.' I hear from a lot of people now, 'You made my childhood!' It feels good to know that the work we did meant so much to the Nickelodeon kids and that it was such a big part of their lives growing up."
"If you want to get a dog or cat, rescue one from a shelter (I felt like I should say something socially conscious)."

I forgot to ask her one question, what does slime taste like?

Keep up with Lori Beth Denberg on Twitter (@loribethdenberg) and Facebook fan page! You can also visit www.Loribethdenberg.com

Exclusive Interview with Scheana Marie from "Vanderpump Rules"

If you watch the new hit reality show “Vanderpump Rules,” you know Scheana Marie has a lot on her plate; working at Sur Lounge in Los Angeles, hitting the studio, digging into the fashion world, and even getting engaged!  
TheTrueGossip.com and AbigailAvenue.com teamed up to ask Scheana some questions about life, fashion, and her career.

TTG: According to E! Online, you’ll be getting married to fiance, Mike Shay, in July. Congrats! Do you have any details you’d like to share about the wedding? 
SM: Thank you! We are getting married at the Hummingbird Nest Ranch in the Santa Susana mountains this summer at sunset. I've always wanted a wedding that isn't completely traditional - outdoors, Mexican buffet style dinner and no cake! We will be featuring a candy bar, photo booth and cake pops.

The happy couple recently sent out their "Save The Dates" to friends and family.

Scheana has worked for Lisa Vanderpump for years, who owns well-known restaurants such as Sur Lounge and Villa Blanca. Since starring in Bravo’s “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills,” Lisa has become known for her sophisticated and glamorous fashion sense.
AA: You’ve know Hollywood fashion icon, Lisa Vanderpump, for a while. What style tips (if any) have you acquired from her throughout the years?
SM: Well, when I sprained my foot while wearing flip flops she said to me, "Haven't I taught you better than that? You always wear heels!"

Scheana and Lisa enjoying a shopping day in California! 
TTG:  Fans of “Vanderpump Rules” know you are passionate about your music career. What has been your favorite performance so far?
SM: I have to say hands down, The Roxy. Having all of my friends and family there for my first performance was so much fun. As much as I think I can top that performance, I haven't yet. Dancing on the bar at Sur was fun but I needed more room to get around and really dance!

You can find both of her singles, Good As Gold and What I Like, on iTunes, Spotify, amazonMP3, and Google Play.

AA:  You have a fabulously diverse taste in fashion. Tell us about your style!
SM: I don't really have one. I dress a lot of different ways. Sometimes I like to be chic and sometimes I like to be casual or hipster. Right now I am loving high waisted anything with a crop top!

The show has taken off since it aired, becoming one of the most-watched (and talked about) reality shows this year. Like other cast members, Scheana continues to work at Sur Lounge and gets recognized all the time.
TTG: The “Vanderpump Rules” finale brought in almost 2,000,000 viewers. Have you had any crazy fan encounters since the show began?
SM: So many! Mostly at work. There was one fan the other day who literally cried when she saw me as if I was a member of One Direction. It was pretty cool I have to say, but I am just a normal person like everyone else who lives paycheck to paycheck and waits tables. I don't have that glamorous of a life.

AA:  Do you have any favorite stores you like to shop at? Favorite designers?

SM: 2b bebe! I get everything from there. Most of my wardrobe all of second season was from 2b! Forever 21 was my favorite until I discovered 2b. My favorite designer is actually a good friend of mine and up and coming, Walter Mendez.
Scheana wearing a Walter Collection dress designed by Los Angeles up-and-coming designer, Walter Mendez.

AA:  What is the “go-to” piece in your closet!?
SM: My American apparel high waisted leggings. I have 4 pairs and wear them almost every day in the winter.

Scheana rocking her American Apparel Nylon Tricot High-Waisted Leggings in December at The Junior Hollywood Radio & Television Society's 11th Annual Snow Ball Holiday Party.

Scheana also told us that she has a big fashion secret that she can't reveal just yet!

Be sure to keep up with Scheana Marie on Twitter and Instagram: @scheanamarie 

Watch Scheana on Bravo TV’s hit reality show, "Vanderpump Rules!"

Exclusive: Steven Anthony Lawrence (Beans)- Where Is He Now?

You may remember him as the kid from "Even Stevens" who loved bacon, or the menace that used to annoy Louis Stevens (Shia LaBeouf). It's Beans!
Steven Anthony Lawrence made a name for himself at a young age thanks to the show. TheTrueGossip.com caught up with with Lawrence and asked him about his career and what he's been up to.

The TV show "Even Stevens" ran from 1999-2003, and Lawrence said landing the role was an absolute dream! 
"I was not able to walk out of the house during the peak of "Even Stevens"," Lawrence told TTG. I went from a Star Wars loving nerd to John Kennedy's grandkids losing their minds when they met me! I think that was the first time another "celebrity figure" freaked out over me, which totally blew me away because these are my favorite president's grandkids."  
He told me about crazy fans running into his bathroom stall, marriage proposals, and even an honorary Crip initiation. 
"Who knew gang members loved "Even Stevens?" However, the most humbling moment came from a 7-year-old girl who was dying," Lawrence revealed to TTG. "She told me that my show makes her day so much easier. My life has a purpose. I learned a good lesson that day."

Over 2 million people saw Lawrence's face on their Twitter newsfeed thanks to rapper, Tyler the Creator. What were his thoughts on being Tyler's Twitter picture? 
"Honestly this was kind of a surprise to me. Never met the guy, have no idea what it's about either. I'm always the last to know shit anyways," he said. "I do like his music, so it's as much of a shock to me as everyone else. Kinda weird."

Steven Anthony Lawrence became known from a Disney show, but we wanted to know what his favorite role was, "Probably my character on "Weeds." It's an awesome feeling to do something Disney and then play a meth addict," Lawrence said. "This is literally a character actors dream. I also had a blast playing a drug dealer/pimp version of myself in my hometown friend's script, "Her Side of the Bed," which we are looking for funding for (wink wink)."
So, does he keep in contact with anyone from "Even Stevens?" 
"Not as much as I'd like. I do Facebook Nicky or run into Fred around town," he told TTG

Does he have a favorite memory from the "Even Stevens" set? 
"I always loved to watch Karen (our make up lady) whack Shia with the brush in the morning for saying something maybe a little PG-13."
Lawrence snapped this photo with his grandmother recently. How nice.
Steven Anthony Lawrence is currently focusing writing a script that he can't say a thing about yet. He's also pursuing other passions, "One of my biggest passions lies in coaching now. I am in the process of starting my own studio. I have done seminars at Fullerton College, Notre Dame High School, and other various places. I am also doing coaching online through Skype."
If you are looking to work in the entertainment business, Steven Anthony Lawrence would love to hear from you. You can contact him via email here. 

Exclusive: Clayton Snyder (Ethan Craft)- Where Is He Now?

Lizzie McGuire and Kate Sanders had a thing for him, Gordo despised him, and most of us still wonder how he graduated. That's right. I'm talking about Ethan Craft. This week, I got the chance to interview my first crush.

Clayton Snyder talked with TheTrueGossip.com about his life, education, and career.
While filming the hit Disney Channel show "Lizzie McGuire," Snyder attended public school and played club water polo. After the show finished, Snyder decided to put acting aside, "I earned a scholarship to Pepperdine University where I had a successful water polo career and majored in Film Studies."  
You would think Clayton Snyder would stick with acting or directing after being on the show and studying film, but Snyder had another idea up his sleeve. "I decided to shoot to make the USA National Water Polo Team and played professionally in Italy, Hungary, and Montenegro," Snyder told TTG. "But during off-season one summer I dipped back into acting and realized I was yearning to continue my career as a thespian, so here I am, back living in Hollywood!"

Many girls and boys grew up with the name "Ethan Craft." Clayton Snyder said he had no idea the impact the show would have on Disney fans from 2001-2004, "I had no clue! I knew it was Disney, and it was a TV show.  They weren't even sure if they were going to use my character at first," Snyder admits. "After a couple episodes, they altered my character a bit from a dumb bully to a dumb heartthrob. Thankfully, I could play both equally well, as long as the dumb part was in there."

"I can't say I have a specific favorite memory while shooting "Lizzie McGuire," because I loved how fun the whole process was," Snyder told TTG. "Everyone - the crew, cast, the many directors we had - was simply a pleasure to work with.  A great balance of professionalism and goofing around. I affectionately received the nickname 'One-Take Goober.' I was a silly kid, but I also showed up to work." 
In other words, he's not like Ethan. 

So what has Snyder been up to? He's in a couple of webseries. "Speechies" (Danielle Shvartsman and Taylor Dave) is a comedy following a high school speech and debate team. He plays Damien, the rival coach.  
He also just started "Improv" (Alex Skinner), another comedy following a struggling independent improv team in LA. He plays Anthony, the love interest's love interest.

"I've done a few graduate shorts with LMU that are either just finishing up, are in post-production, or still in production," Snyder said. "To name a couple, Foam Wars (Matt Klein) I play as Nick Saunder, the legendary player of an not-so-legendary "foam" gun league. College Carnage (Pamela Cunneen) is a fun slasher where I played as John, the infuriated and frisky bro."
Clayton Snyder is also attending improv classes and would like to pursue film in the future.

Does Clayton Snyder keep in contact with anyone from "Lizzie McGuire?" Miranda? Kate? Tudgeman?  "Passively, thanks to Facebook and Instagram. Because why make a phone call when I can just "like" a picture?" #fearforfuture," Snyder joked.

Clayton Snyder still has many fans out there. He wanted to share an experience with his fans that really impacted him, "Before leaving to film the movie, instead of giving me a bunch of papers to write, my health teacher gave me a book.  She simply asked me to read it, and tell her what I thought. That book was The Four Agreements, by Miguel Ángel Ruiz. They are: Be Impeccable With Your Word. Don't Take Anything Personally. Don't Make Assumptions. Always Do Your Best."
"I'm a spiritual person.  I grew up a Christian, and still am. While reading about Jesus and His teachings can be incredibly insightful, these four points really struck home for me. I encourage all others to be in agreement with the Four Agreements."
You can follow Clayton Snyder's blog at blog.claytonsnyder.com, and follow him on Instagram or Twitter with the handle @clay_tron.